About Me

I am David Monroe, CCIM

Multifamily Investor and Strategic Partner

I specialize in market analysis, demand/supply analysis, market cycles, feasibility analysis, and teach that specialty as a CCIM Instructor.


I consult lending options, acquisition and disposition after-tax savings and strategies, and have the unique ability to connect syndicators, sponsors, key principals, and investors together to get deals closed.

My focus is to build strategic partnerships with syndicators, sponsors, and key principals and invest passively to build wealth for my family legacy.

I have been a manager of the GP side of a multifamily syndication, a JV partner on a couple of multifamily deals, and invested passively on deals I've brokered.

I owned a multifamily property management company for a short period, almost 2 years, and gained the education of a lifetime on how multifamily properties operate and what it takes to manage one of these assets. This has made me a better investor, broker, and consultant.

If you’re an active syndicator, sponsor, key principal, or a passive investor looking for qualified syndications, let’s have a conversation to see if we are a fit for a strategic partnership.

My Services

Whether you're looking to sell or buy, invest passively, looking for debt or equity partners, need help with with after tax strategies, do a feasibility study, find market trends, need due diligence consulting, looking to be held accountable, want to be coached or need training, I can help you.

As a multifamily broker I provide services to assist owners in selling their multifamily assets with my vetted and qualified investor database.

I can help you determine job and population growth, and determine a demand/supply analysis for a market or sub-market.

I can help you with market, financial, political and legal, and location and site analysis and feasibility for a go/no-go decision.

I can help you or your company with investor and brokerage training and coaching needs and consult on sales and marketing.

What Clients Say

Here are a couple of comments from past and current clients:

May 2018

David Monroe is a wonderful colleague and mentor.


He is readily available to give sound advice and shares his priceless knowledge and expertise with me.


I know that when I approach David with whatever challenges that I may be working with, he listens, addresses me with honesty and integrity, and provides me with guidance as well as constructive feedback that helps me to better serve my clients.


His mentorship is truly invaluable.

Meghan Byrne

LandQuest Commercial

March 2015

David Monroe was able to pull off a miracle in my eyes.


He was able to sell my property for less than owed and I was able to walk away with no more worries.


Thank you for caring and your professionalism to get me out of this terrible situation

Mary Miller

Tiberius, LLC

October 2019

In a short period of time David has added tremendous value to me and my real estate business.


I am now very confident in moving forward towards my goals of purchasing apartment complexes because of his dedication towards educating me.

Steve Crow

10X Asset Management

March 2019

David, you're the Real Deal.


We get a lot of these out of town Guru guys getting 30k and up showing real estate information and people up here pay for it and are not getting what was promised.

If you ever do a course or write books like you do in these videos I’m bound to promote you.

Furman Blue

Sherman Commercial

My Experience

  • March 16, 2012

    Got My Real Estate License In Alabama

    I'm now a managing broker/owner for our Mobile, AL office and I also have a brokers license in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina

  • August 15, 2015

    Purchased My First Multifamily Property

    I partnered with Jake and we purchased 3 small mobile home parks that have a total of 15 units and have consistantly produced between 35% and 40% cash on cash returns to this day. 

  • October 17, 2017

    Received My CCIM Designation

    It took me 5 years to complete, which was the goal I set for myself in September of 2012 when I joined the CCIM Institute. I'm now the FL CCIM Chapter Panhandle District President, Technology Chair and Assistant VP of Education. I'm also on the National CCIM Marketing and Ward Center Committees as well as the task force responsible for giving scholarships to veterans so they can have a career coming out of the military.

  • June 13, 2018

    Sponsored My First Multifamily Deal

    Rayanne Apartments is a 39 unit apartment complex located in Texas. My business partner and I raised $350,000 from 7 investors to purchase the asset for a 5 year hold.

  • March 17, 2019

    Named CI-102 Instructor For The CCIM Institute

    Was named Work Shop Leader (Now Junior Instructor) for the CCIM Institute to teach CI-102, Advanced Market Analysis. I only need to teach two more classes before being awarded the status of Senior Instructor.

Quick Story! I was sitting in a hotel in December 2011 and wondering when I was going to be able to retire. The thought scared the crap out of me!


I had made about $100,000 in income that year, sold a boat, an airplane I was building, a jr dragster and multiple go carts and almost nothing in the bank.


Even with more than $50,000 in a 401K I knew there would be no way, or time left, for me to be able to retire after 55, if I wanted to.


So, I began to search for ways to build wealth and investing in real estate kept coming up. I found a program called the Weekend Millionaire, purchased it, and was the best decision I ever made.


Not because the program made me rich, but because it gave me a base knowledge to dig deeper and learn more.


I moved to Mobile, AL a few months later, got my real estate license so I could access to the hot sheets, it was a foreclosure market after all, and learned having a real estate affordable me the ability to learn how to invest while earn commissions at the same time.


By September 2012 I had joined the CCIM Institute to get the best education available for investors and started perusing my goals to become financially independent from investing in multifamily properties.


And the rest is history...

Contact Me

I really would like to hear from you!

853 Dauphin St. Suite C

Mobile, AL 36602