• Is your market in Oversupply?
  • What Are the Population Trends?
  • What are the Employment Trends?
  • What Phase are you in the market cycle?

If you don't know the answer to ALL those questions, KEEP READING!

What Is A Market Analysis?

A commercial real estate market analysis provides the guidance for many decision makers who are involved in multifamily acquisitions and development.


There's a proven process used to conduct a full multifamily market analysis and includes a combination of an Economic Base Analysis, Demand/Supply Analysis and Identification of the current market cycle.


A professional gathers local data for employment, population, and property supply, then interprets the data and compiles a report based on the findings to be used in a go/no-go decision.

What Can A Market Analysis Do For You?

A multifamily market analysis can help you minimize the risks and maximize opportunities in entering a new market for investors, developers, lenders and the government sector.

Economic Base Analysis

An Economic Base Analysis has two parts:

Part 1: Current Economic Base

  • Identify Basic Employees

  • Calculate Total Basic Employment

  • Calculate Economic Base Multiplier

  • Calculate Population Employment Ratio

Part 2: Future Economic Base

  • Estimate Future Basic Employees

  • Estimate Future Total Employment

  • Estimate Future Total Population



    Completing a full multifamily market analysis can be tedious, time consuming, and overwhelming at times.


    There's mountains of data you need to compile and interpret, and then put into a report for a decision to be made.


    If you need to do a market analysis in your market and don't have the time or resources, I CAN HELP!